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1,000 Days to NSD

One of our top nationals recently spoke about becoming a national in 1,000 days - - or less!  The thousand day mark is for brand new directors with no offspring, so if you have offspring you can go even faster!! If you are an NSD bound consultant this can still serve to prepare you for path to National!

Why become a national?  Well there are all the standard reasons, widening your circle of influence, enriching women's lives, more recognition, more glamour, more excitement, etc. 

But then there is the MONEY!!! During this presentation, I learned something I did not know.  Being me, I immediately ran home and made a spreadsheet and was completely astounded by the amount of bonus money NSD's earn!  I knew about the commissions and had done some projections about those, but I didn't know about the BONUSES!!!

This speech is available on CD from the normal supplier and we have taken this ambitious but very possible plan and created a kit of visual aids to help you along! 

The kit includes: a complete set of full color monthly labels so that you can customize your 1,000 Days; the 100 Days of Power supporting materials; a collection of "signs" in all sizes to post around your life to remind you that this kind of work won't go on forever; and front and back covers for use in your 8.5"x11" notebook.  Notebook not included

It also includes highly motivating color graphics on pages representing each three month period you customize these pages with: the ten people you are working to promote, your unit strengths, your unit weaknesses, your training and challenge focal points, and your quarterly promotions for consultants and hostesses.

This kit also includes the 1,000 days to NSD audio program that is available from Wholesale Tape and Supply

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