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75 for 25 Hostess program

The $75 for $25 hostess program allows the hostess the opportunity to purchase $75 in product for only $25 when she has a certain number of adult, non-user guests present at her skin care class, which we are calling a “makeover party”. We heard of this program originally requiring your hostess to have three guests in order to get $75 in product for $25.  Personally, we prefer FOUR guests, so we have that option as well.

One of our big-thinking, sister consultants decided that $99 in product for $33 would work too!  She offered this to hostesses with four adult, non-user guests.  Again, we would be happier with FIVE guests.

Then we thought, why not both!  A hostess can purchase $75 in product for $25 if she has four adult, non-user guests - - OR - - $99 in product for $33 if she has JUST ONE MORE adult non-user guests for a total of five!

These cards are perforated for easy use in warm chatter or second facial environments.  The side of the card your hostess keeps includes an explanation of this special offer which include the:
• dollar values of how much product they get for how many dollars;
• number of adult, non-user guests required;
• requirement to hold the class on its originally scheduled date; and
• requirement of having the guest list ready at the agreed upon time.
Getting the guest list can be the hardest part of hostess coaching, so all the cards offer the hostess an extra $10 in free product if she will give you the guest list RIGHT THAT SECOND!  The hostess side of the card also includes some tips to having a great makeover party (including having more confirmed guests than you actually want), the times and dates of the party and the guest list expectations, AND a script to use to invite their friends.

The side of the card you keep has blanks for the name of the hostess, her address, her phone numbers, her email address, the time and date of the “makeover party”, the agreed upon time to get the guest list and, on the back, room for 10 guests names with phone numbers.

This program has been used with all these denominations and hostess requirements, so we are offering these hostess coaching cards in five variations:
• $75 in product for $25 with THREE adult, non-user guests;
• $75 in product for $25 with FOUR adult, non-user guests;
• $99 in product for $33 with FOUR adult, non-user guests;
• $99 in product for $33 with FIVE adult, non-user guests; and
• The combination card that offers the hostess two options:  $75 for $25 with FOUR adult, non-user guests - - OR - - $99 for $33 with FIVE adult non-user guests!

Packs of 30 cards printed on green index stock in full color ink.

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